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Infinite Intelligence as The Infinite Experiencer

The Infinite Creator is more accurately called The Infinite Experiencer. The Infinite Experiencer is expresses infinite ways to be consciousness or infinite ways to apply its consciousness; making it infinitely intelligent (i.e., infinite intelligence.) This infinite intelligence is all, experiencing itself as all through the perception of all.

“I am the Sun of The Infinite Experiencer and I am that which experiences all by being all.” – Joshua Zakai Sabalie

Only beings which live within the dimensions of time would think of things as being created because their perception of things seem to happen one after another; things being made/created from “nothing.”

“The One Original Thought is the harvest of all previous, if you would use this term, experience of the Creator by the Creator. As It decides to know Itself It generates Itself into that plenum, full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifested to your perceptions as space or outer space. Each generation of this knowing begets a knowing which has the capacity, through free will, to choose methods of knowing Itself. Therefore, gradually, step by step, the Creator becomes that which may know Itself, and the portions of the Creator partake less purely in the power of the original word or thought. This is for the purpose of refinement of the one original thought. The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself.”

– Ra (Channeled by L/L Research)

You are The Infinite Experiencer experiencing itself as being a soul. The soul is comprised of three complex parts called a mind complex, body complex, and spirit complex; making the soul a mind/body/spirit complex. You are The Infinite Experiencer experiencing itself as a soul that is experiencing one of its infinite personas.

Why Does It Matter What We Call “It”

All forms of communication are about communicating a concept. Depending upon socialization, and all that the infinite experiencer as an individual personality experience(r) brings into an incarnation, certain words can trigger incorrect perception.

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