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Nine Councils of Love

An Introductory Letter

Council One – Infinity

Reality is devoid of any form because it does not contain the concept of separation; it is un-differentiated and un-potentiated infinity (i.e., The One) which has no experience. Differentiation and experience of any kind is an illusion that exists as and within the awareness of Infinity. Un-differentiated perfect oneness is infinity/unity’s only true reality.

Infinite Intelligence (i.e., The Infinite Creator) is the original focusing of infinity as an aware or conscious principle. As an entity, you are an extension of Infinite Intelligence evolving back into being the original focuser; your “self” is Infinite Intelligence expressing itself as an aspect of Infinite Intelligence that will remember itself as Infinite Intelligence.

To focus is to will. Free will is the same thing as saying that The Infinite Creator is free to focus consciousness in anyway that it chooses to do so. This freedom of will is what allowed The Infinite Creator to create “other” focusers (willers) of consciousness that are their own “unique” focal point of consciousness and will; aspects of The One Infinite Intelligence.

The Oversoul (i.e., Higher Self) can be perceived as a focal point of consciousness and will with an infinite amount of expressions. Each expression of the oversoul can be called a soul. Each soul, also called by some as the spirit, is made of a complex of energy focuses of three inextricably intertwined complex parts called a mind/body/spirit complex.

The mind complex of the soul, or, mind/body/spirit complex, contains the thoughts, feelings, intuitions, etc. This mind complex of the soul is split into a higher mind, which reflects the inpourings of thoughts from the spirit complex, and/or a lower mind, which reflects the thoughts of separation that make up the perception of being the body complex.

The body complex of the soul, or, mind/body/spirit complex, is that aspect of the soul that is seemingly separate from other things so it can perceive other things. The body complex was made by the mind complex as a learning device for the mind complex; a mirror reflection of the mind complex’s most active thoughts (i.e., vibrations).

The spirit complex of the soul, or, mind/body/spirit complex, is that aspect of the soul that is the least distorted. The spirit complex acts as a two-way channel, communicator, and shuttle, that maintains direct contact with Infinite Intelligence; allowing the “self” to stay in contact with All-That-Is, and remember itself as The Infinite Creator when it wills to do so.

You are The One. If we are not speaking about the beingness of this One, then you are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is undifferentiated; only aware of itself as being aware; without separation. If we are not speaking about the beingness of this pure consciousness, then you are a “self” which is a focal point of consciousness and will.

The self that you believe you are must have a mirror reflection of its being in order for it to experience itself. The complex of focuses of intelligent energy called the mind/body/spirit complex is a mirror reflection of yourself; without this mirror, self could not consciously experience its will; will, focus, thought, energy, and vibration are one idea.

“Evolution” is the process of Infinity choosing to forget that it is The One so that it can experience the illusion of itself as finite. Space and time are illusions that represent the ideas of difference. However, everything already exist here and now. Creation is infinity’s consciousness being willed by its intelligence so that it can view itself from an infinite amount of viewpoints.

Council Two – Love/Light & Light/Love

To distort is to twist or alter something out of its true, natural, or original state. Perfect Oneness is undifferentiated. Perfect Oneness is Unity. Unity is Infinity, and Infinity itself is Intelligent, or, Intelligence itself. You are only Perfect Oneness, and anything that is not this Perfect Oneness is a distortion, or an illusion, of what you actually are.

The first distortion of Infinity is that which could be known as the freedom of will. This distortion of freedom of will, or, free will, can create the confusion of Infinity having different wills other than just one will. The second distortion is the original focus of consciousness that we call love/light. The third distortion is called, by us, light/love.

Love, as the second distortion of Infinity, is the potential of Infinite Intelligence turned into the kinetic of Infinite Intelligence (i.e., intelligent energy.) This love acts an energy of an extremely high order that causes its beingness of intelligent energy to be formed in an infinite amount of ways so that the infinite potential infinite intelligence can be made manifest.

Love/light is that intelligent energy which expresses itself as an infinite range of vibrations. Light/love is an expression of intelligent energy and light is also, therefore, expressing itself as an infinite range of vibrations. Sound is an expression of vibration that represents configurations of light/love that built all that there is.

To the greater degree of alignment with the purer and purer vibrational energy of love, is to the greater and greater intensity one may feel peace and joy; this is what being in love can actually mean. Being in love is being the true and natural love vibration of The Infinite Creator; this love (i.e., intelligent energy) is the power that birthed the illusion of All-That-Is into existence.

There is another form of love; it is a love which gives acceptance without the expectation of anything in return because it implies no lack. So you have, therefore, love as intelligent energy, and love as the mindful attitude of acceptance; a giving of acceptance without the expectation for anything in return.

Council Three – The Laws of Creation

The Law of One states that all things are one, that all beings are one, that there is no disharmony, that there is no polarity, and that there is no right or wrong; there is only identity. All is one; and that one is love/light, light/love; Infinite Intelligence or The Infinite Creator. All is complete, perfect, and whole. The idea of separation is an illusion; a distortion of The One.

The Law of One is absolute, constant, simple, stable, and universal. The Law of One is the only fundamental nature of existence; it is the only fact that exists. All other so-called universal laws are not laws but expressions of The Law of One; expressed as ways in which “The One” expresses its illusion of itself as “All-That-Is.”

The Way/law of Here and Now states that, since all things are one thing, then all things are here and now. Everything exists within the one consciousness that is your consciousness. All things, people, places, times, and circumstances, are right here and now because everything is one. Everything exists/happens simultaneously.

The Way/law of Attraction states that, that which is liken unto itself is drawn/attracted. If one understands that all is one, here, and now, then one can understand that nothing ever truly need be “attracted” because there is no other place or other time to attract it from. Everything can be willed into perception/experience; “what you put out is what you get back.”

The Way/law of Change states that, within the illusion of time, everything is always changing; nothing remains the same as all symbols shift and change infinitely. However, within the realm of timelessness, change never occurs. In truth, Infinity is is a beingness of timelessness that never changes; a beingness of un-differentiation.

Council Four – Manifestation

“Life” is made by the vibrational resonance of your thoughts. Your thoughts make up the “life” and synchronicities of the “life” that you can experience. Every thought that you have makes up some aspect of the world that you are perceiving; matching you up with a world that is a vibrational match to that which you think.

Everything exists as the one; everything that one perceives exists solely within the consciousness one’s being. Life is not mind over matter but rather that mind is matter. Everything that one may experience is a creation or making of one’s mind. One can choose to create as the higher mind (i.e., a thought-system of love) or make things as the lower mind (i.e., a thought-system of fear.)

What you place your attention upon is what you identify with and what you identify with is what you perceive. What you choose to perceive will always grow stronger within you. If you choose to perceive fear (i.e., pain and suffering,) you will increase fear within you. If you choose to perceive love (i.e., joy and peace) you will increase love within you.

Life is like that one virtual reality game that seems so real when the goggles are on but when you take the goggles off, you say oh! this is real life. Physical life is very much the same way. Physical reality is like one of the many virtual “realities” existing within your mind, in which, you and other aspects of your mind play a game together with certain set rules.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, in every moment, you literally shift to a different timeline; you are literally existing as a different Earth Plane of Existence, and a different universe every single moment. You are never “on” the same Earth Plane. You shift your consciousness billions of times per second to a different Earth Plane.

As an analogy, think of how movies do not actually have movement. The illusion of movement in a movie is performed by placing many similar frames in a specific sequence. Life is just like a movie; you use your consciousness to project itself as and through billions of frames/planes per second. We can call these frames or planes parallel/probable “realities.”

Much like the filmstrip of a movie, all frames already exist. If you can think of each filmstrip as a parallel/probable “reality,” you will be able to understand that all filmstrips that will ever exist already do exist. The only thing that will ever change is the way your consciousness perceives the orientation of the filmstrips (i.e., the timeline you experience.)

Timelines are like the filmstrip on a movie reel while parallel/probable “realities” are like the frames that make up the totality of a filmstrip. The specific way a set of frames are ordered one after another creates a specific filmstrip or timeline. Parallel/probable “realities” are neither altered nor destroyed; they are only just perceived in a different configuration (i.e, timeline.)

There are an infinite number of parallel/probable “realities” that you and your other-selves have already created or made. Right now you are shifting your consciousness through billions of these parallel/probable “realities” per second. The way you navigate through this by the way you think, feel, and act.

All actions that you perform stem from the thoughts you think; the thoughts that you think creates a state of being that inspires you to behave in a particular way. Your behavior, at any given moment, is representative of a certain vibrational frequency that shifts you through an infinite number of parallel/probable realities that make up a timeline.

Parallel possibility/probability vortices exist as a state of being, and when enough vibrational momentum (and/or action) is accumulated, the physical manifestation of that possibility/probability is physically manifested. One’s state of being is paramount; the focus of one’s peace and joy for the physical manifestation of a peaceful and joyful world is vital.

All loving, joyful, and peaceful thought that you have ever thought exists as a possibility/probability vortex. This loving, joyful, and peaceful possibility/probability vortex is literally your version of Heaven On Earth. Think, feel, and act in a joyous way, to give your joy possibility/probability vortex more potential for actuality (i.e., manifestation.)

Council Five – Life Is Meaningless

What is the meaning behind life circumstances? There is no meaning built into life circumstances but only attracted and repelled vibrations of self. Yes, life is a vibrational manifestation of symbols that most accurately represent one’s state of being, however, all circumstances can be gazed at with ease and light-heartedness that allows one to maintain a state of peace.

One who can innerstand that life has no built-in meaning and attach their own meaning to what is happening in life is one maybe more able to maintain a constant state of joy and peace. If one chooses to believe in the idea that, whatever happens in life must be for a “positive” reason, then one can truly see life in a different light or from a different angle/angel of the one.

Spirituality is not about what does or does not happen in life. Spirituality is about how you respond to what does or does not happen in life. Life is about the process of being able to maintain your joy and your peace regardless of the circumstances. Remaining at one with everything is remaining at peace with all. This is the step to dissolving the illusion of separation.

Council Six – Healing

All energy is a mirror reflection of The Infinite Creator and all of its extensions/oversouls/spirits. All energy is the mirror reflection of a particular focal point of consciousness and will. The physical bodily complex is a result of a specific focus/will of consciousness that represents itself as an energy that is one of a healed vibratory state of being.

Healing is simply contacting intelligent infinity via the use of one’s spirit complex, so that one can get more in touch with the original focus of The Infinite Creator. This “creates” a vibratory energy in which the vibration(s) of any dis-ease can not abide. Anyone who does this properly for themselves can act as a mirror for the dis-eased who then can also be of this vibration.

Healing occurs when the mind complex remembers The Law of One. As the mind remembers The Law of One more and more, the focus of energy that is the physical body complex is “changed” and then perceived as healthy; representing the peace of correct perception. Healing is the result of one who remembers the true self; a being of unity/infinity.

All personas are distorted expressions of the true self and your only job is to seem them as guiltless, and apart of you. All forms of illness are shadows of unforgiveness (i.e., negative thoughts.) When you know that you are one with all, and that all is one with you, you are more able to focus in a way that is sure to be more representative of a natural energy.

Physical ways (“laws”) are limitations that the higher self and mind/body/spirit complex imposes upon the self until a time in which the self remembers its true energetic identity; a being of unconditional love. Without these physical limitations, the dream of forgetfulness would probably not warrant a desire for one to remember being a being of love.

Physical ways (“laws”) are basically like the locks upon the prison/prism of limitless light produced by the focuses of energy that is called, by us, the mind/body/spirit complex. Once a being begins to see the prison as a classroom, in which one is to learn and demonstrate the understanding of The Law of One, these “locks” or “laws” are more and more unlocked.

All changes in behavior heal via one acting in accordance to the physical ways (“laws”.) However, since this does not always provide a full healing of the mind/body/spirit complex, it is not really healing at all because true healing does not require re-healing. Acting in accordance with the physical ways just gives one more time to fully heal their mind complex.

The proper consumption of vegetables that are well-cooked, light, and soft and raw fruits is an ideal diet for one’s body; symbolizing, to the mind, respect for the physical body or the physical ways/laws. Depending on one’s metabolism, well-cooked sprouted grains, and certain animal meat products may be appropriate for optimal bodily respect.

Fasting is a symbol for the mind complex that is aware of the symbol that it is. Fasting can act as the symbol of ridding the soul, or, the mind/body/spirit complex, of excess and unwanted material via ridding the body of excess and unwanted material. Fasting can also be seen as symbolic of being sustained by The Infinite Creator’s Original Focus (i.e., love).

Additionally, fasting can also acts as the stoppage of using external symbols in an attempt to fill an illusion of a void that one may feel due to negative thoughts; one can become more aware of the disharmonious feelings that certain thoughts generate within. This allows one a much greater chance to deal with these feelings instead of using foods as a distraction.

When we stop covering up the negative feelings of lack within us, we are more likely to be more aware of them. Once we are more aware of the negative feelings within the mind complex, we have a greater ability to choose/focus upon more peaceful feeling thoughts without the use of food or drugs that make it seem as if the feeling is no longer there when it still is.

All of this, and even more reasons, is what makes careful fasting, and/or some form of fasting a great spiritual practice. Fasting, in this sense, can act as a great step towards healing the soul, or, mind/body/spirit complex. Please understand, that all healing has nothing to do with the physical, but by contacting The Infinite Creator via one’s spirit complex.

The light/love that exists in all things can be sourced directly from The Infinite Creator via the use of one’s spirit complex; light/love is only true nutrient. When the mind realigns itself with its true will, or focus, the need for water, sleep, and food, can be consciously realized as not being needed; needing only light/love.

Council Seven – Forgiveness

To forgive is to recognize your perceptual errors and look past them; overlook them. When this overlooking is done properly, one can feel only peace and unspeakable joy. The key to forgiveness is to realize there is nothing to forgive because there is no such thing as right or wrong, that all is perfect, all is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, The Infinite Creator.

There is only one problem (i.e., separation,) and there is only one solution (i.e., Atonement/Forgiveness.) At your own discernment, and if you will, seek not for complexity in the understanding of what the problem is and what the solution is. When you understand that you are one with all things, you will understand the only problem is the perception of separation.

To put it simply, the world as you perceive it is created from the perception that is made up of your thoughts. The great paradox of All-That-Is is that every seemingly individual being is actually only one being experiencing itself from an infinite number of perspectives; although it seems that there are an infinite amount of beings, there really is only one.

In truth, your true being (i.e., an undifferentiated unified being of perfect oneness,) is the only being. Since you are the only being, then you are the only power. However, your power is not realized until you realize who you really are. Realizing who you really are can only happen by correction of perception via the illusion of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is simply the recognition that you are creating everything within the realm of your perception, with your perception, of who and what you believe you are. All beings are apart of you, and therefore, are you. Since you, in truth, are actually an innocent guiltless being, they are, in truth, guiltless beings as well.

The illusion of separation, which was once just a tiny mad idea, has convinced you that you are what you are not. The illusion would have you believe that you and your brothers are actually different in some way. Forgiveness is the sight that sees beyond the illusion of differences; seeing that since all things are one, all things are the same.

No matter what the illusion of separation may tell you, you are a very lovely being; your brothers are just as lovely. Whenever you align with the illusion and basically disagree with the true nature of your being, by choosing thoughts of separation, you will feel the awful feeling of negative emotions; negative emotions are not really feelings at all.

All negative emotions stem from focusing away of truth (i.e., loving thoughts.) You as The One are the truth. You as The Infinite Creator, or an aspect of The Infinite Creator, is an illusion. The spiritual goal is a complete unity of all of the “parts” of The Infinite Creator; this is perfect oneness in which all love and “creations” emanate from.

True forgiveness can not give rise to any form of negative emotions; allowing you to remain in your natural joyful and peaceful state of being. Remaining in this natural loving state of being allows you to shift to a version of your consciousness in which you experience a different version of “the” world.

Consciousness works by way of making symbols that are expressive of the vibrations that you focus on with a certain amount of intensity; these thoughts then become the thoughts that are most active within your consciousness. Whatever thoughts/vibrations that are most active within your consciousness will be brought into your perception in some form.

Whatever vibrations you have truly forgiven can not be active within your psyche. Your manifestation of the worlds (whirls) that you create are perceived when there has been enough vibrational momentum accumulated. At every moment in the illusion of time/space, you are accumulating momentum that will eventually manifest a representative space/time.

The art of “jumping timelines” is really about changing your point of attraction by accumulating just enough vibrational momentum towards the direction of what you truly prefer, instead of towards what you don’t prefer; this accumulation of intelligent energy will then shift your consciousness to a perception of symbols that are representative of what you prefer.

Forgiveness is an illusion that acts to help you let go of all that you would not want to create for yourself in terms of experience. This is done by shifting your focus of thoughts/vibrations away from the vibrations/thoughts that you don’t prefer, and towards the vibrations/thoughts that you do truly prefer.

Everything you are conscious of is you because you are the observer and the thing observed. Everything in your world is representative of either the unforgiving or forgiving nature of your heart. You decide what is or isn’t in your world by choosing forgiveness or condemnation. To forgive is to overlook, and to see only loveliness in all things.

Council Eight – Agreements

This life, this third-density life, is a graduation into fourth-density. Third-density incarnation(s) is all about learning the way of love. As a Creator, you have chosen this environment as a way of learning love. You, and all of your other-selves, have created a game with rules. This game is called third-density Earth. You are playing the game of learning unconditional love.

There are many agreements in life that are on automatic for you so that you can learn the ways of love. These agreements include things like gravity, how certain chemicals affect your body, and so much more. You can change these agreements. However, many of these agreements are there to limit you so that you can learn through the process of living as this Earth.

An example of one agreement that is on automatic is the chemical needs for the human body such as the need for proper nutrition. Upon incarnation, mind/body/spirit complexes that choose to focus their consciousness into the energy web of an infant physical body agree to the nutritional “laws” that certain chemical substances will nurture the body or harm the body.

Council Nine – The Great Mystery

We would like to state, that what we call we All-That-Is, God, The Universe, etc. is but a great mystery to us. We would also like to state that we feel, at this current moment of our so-called understanding of this Great Mystery, is that you are co-creating many realities and universes with this Great Mystery, the Great Essence, the Great Spirit, of All-That-Is.

All content, all statements, etc. on our website are nothing but opinions or perspectives that are always changing. Regardless of the amount of proof that may be available, one could never truly know if one is floating in an infinite loop of virtual realities within virtual realities. Therefore, we call infinity, the universe, universes, the multiverse, a Great Mystery.