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Accept All-That-Is

Lovearianism is a philosophy that teaches that All-That-Is is one love/light or light/love; and that this love/light or light/love energy is The Infinite Creator (i.e.,  Infinite Intelligence.) Lovearianism then further teaches that this love/light or light/love energy acts in a naturally loving, intelligible, and peaceful way by unconditionally accepting All-That-Is.

Love Can Not Be Defined

Love can be somewhat described with words but never defined with words. It is always well to remember, that when speaking about love, there are different kinds of love; just like there are different kinds of water. The love we are about to discuss is not the fundamental love/light or light/love)energy that is the entire universe/illusion.

Giving Without Expectation of Return

Love is total acceptance of All-That-Is; this kind of acceptance does not require for anything to be different in order to accept all. With this attitude of acceptance of all that there is, then one only gives that which one feels happy to give, without an expectation of anything in return. Love is an acceptance of all; and it gives freely without expectation of return…

For how could you expect something back if you accept something as it is in the present? How can you give to anyone or anything, in a state of full acceptance of what that person or thing is, and want it to give you back something? If something is given back, then you accept it. However, if it is nothing is given back, then you also accept nothing. This is love.

… more coming soon