Lovearian Light Sessions

Q&A Sessions From Teacher To Student

Lovearian Light Sessions are question-and-answer sessions that we offer to those who have questions. Our teachers answer questions about the mysterious creation that we all are and that we all exist within. Additionally, we offer our perspective on healing and how one can heal themselves of any bodily distortion.

Our Lovearian Light Sessions is the service that we freely offer to those who desire them. Of course, all donations are very much appreciated. All donations are synchronistic gifts, given to us from infinite intelligence through “others,” as a way to support our desire to teach/learn with better efficiency and comfort.

Unless someone requests that we don’t record, we ask to record every session. We want to record every session so that we can publish the audio and/or the written transcript for all to have access to for use as a learn/teaching device. If there is a desire to keep an entire question, a specific question, or the name of the questioner private, we will honor this desire.