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In order for The One to have any experience of any kind (i.e., the experience of difference,) The One Infinite Intelligence explored the concept of being an infinite array of separate parts or intelligences. Each “separate” part, or each “separate” expression of itself, was given the freedom to be and/or do what it desires (i.e., given free will.) However, the will of a being is the being itself. Therefore, in order for a being to fully empower itself, each being must be freely accepted and allowed to do as it wishes; this exemplifies the true infinite expression of an infinite being; making all infinite expressions of the self (i.e., souls) capable of true intelligence and/or true self-expression.

Within the context of timelessness, which is a concept closer to oneness, all that has happened or will happen has already happened. However, within the illusion of time, which is a concept of separation, one separate thing is able to happen or exist one after the other. Within the context of timelessness, every variation of every soul exists and has already happened. However, in order to experience some or all of these variations or parallel possible/probable vortices that make up the multiverse, the concept of time is explored. This “creates” the illusion of a soul, and an infinite amount of souls, evolving from one state of consciousness to another.

As a soul that is a being of free will, since it is actually will itself, it must demonstrate the ability to properly express itself or express its will. The foundation of expression of desire rest upon what one thinks it is and what one thinks its purpose is. Since all beings are free, they are free to define who and what they are; even if they are unconscious of the idea that level of freedom is actually the answer to who and what they are.

In truth, there is no polarity. However, in order for maximal self-expression, The One explores this idea and choice of either integration/positivity or separation/negativity. All beings presented with this choice are given little to none of their true power until they reach a certain capacity to choose and be the being they actually want to be. Without distracting the self, a being should reach this capacity much more quickly than if it was distracted and unable to focus on its true will or its true pure desire.

When a being truly focuses upon its true will and choice to act positively or negatively, more of its true power is restored to this being because this being is being more of its true self. Without an ability to actually infringe upon “another’s” freedom to will or ability to manifest what it wants, each being is given the power to explore every parallel possible/probable vortex; this power is normally earned by the soul, and given by a higher version of the soul, that exists outside the constraints of time called the higher self or oversoul.

The reasonings spoken thus far in this article can hopefully bring clues and hints to one as to why a positive being does not have to be loving but would lose all power if it did not be loving/accepting to “another.” Yet, it also brings to mind, that negatively orientated beings are in all rights given power even if they attempt the illusion of free will infringement. Both paths, positive and negative, are valid perceptions yet distorted perceptions of oneness that, for each soul, will end in a reawakening back into the true realization and beingness of The One that has no perception but simply just is.

The illusion of loving another is actually that each soul is actually every other soul and every other thing, experiencing itself as separate from every other soul and every other thing. This immensely convincing illusion is possible because of the infinite array of each parallel possible/probable vortices that exist; giving each soul an illusion of a world, a universe, and a multiverse that is seemingly the only, but is truly the only version that they choose to experience.

The purpose of each soul’s world is for it to experience itself even if it doesn’t know this; the ability to experience a lie or illusion is part of experiencing that which actually is truly infinite in expression. Any illusion of experience is best when enjoyed, and most illusions are more enjoyed when they are, to some level, explored as being real; hence the idea of digital games being turned into virtual reality games. The third-density body is much like virtual reality goggles. The body blocks out all of your true spiritual senses and causes you to feel like the game that you are playing is real (ie.., life on earth) is very real; allowing you to obtain the full effect of this game.

Each soul, each being, or each desire of The One Infinite Intelligence, is the entire world that it experiences; nothing more, and nothing less. It has set its own limitations upon its perceived sense of power, and its ability to break through these limitations. There is not one thing that is happening to any entity that is not on some level chosen.

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