About Our Institute

We Are Perfect Oneness

The Founding Father

The Lovearian Institute of Oneness was founded by Joshua Zakai Sabalie. Zakai is a lover of truth, and the truth is that all that there is emanates from oneness. Oneness is that which gave birth to love/light. Love/light is that which gave birth to light/love. Light/love is that which is all of the universe.

Light (i.e., light/love) is an expression of love (i.e., love/light). In this context, we are speaking of the love that is basis of the entire cosmos, this love can also be termed as intelligent energy. This intelligent energy is an energy of an extremely high order. This intelligent energy is the act of the infinite potential potentiating itself.

All this experienced is the will of intelligent energy, or love/light, or The Infinite Creator to experience itself; impressing its expression of itself as will upon light/love. Therefore, all-that-is and will ever be is love/light, light/love, or the The Infinite Creator. This is the perception that brings about the perception that all beings are Lovearian(s).

Love, Lovearian, and Lovearianism

Lovearian can be defined as a being that is made up of love/light, and is also sustained upon itself in the form of light/love. Lovearianism is a philosophy on love that teaches that love is total acceptance of All-That-Is; this kind of love gives acceptance without the expectation of anything in return because it implies no sense of lack.

There are many kinds of love, and many distorted perceptions of what love is. However, there are two main loves that we desire to teach/leanr and learn/teach. These loves are the love that is the intelligent energy that created and is all things; additionally, the love that is the mental attitude and loving act of total unconditional acceptance of All-That-Is.

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