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Pandemic of Fear

Can you recall a time in which you, as a child, watched a horror movie that resulted in you being more afraid at night in the dark versus before you had been aware of the contents of the movie? That which we are educated upon can make us more joyful or more fearful; education is a way of shaping one’s perception.

The information that is impressed upon the mind is what gives it motivation to respond or react in the way that it does. Sickness, or health, is more of the mind than of anything; the mental image you hold of yourself, when it comes to your health, is what eventually manifests.

One can recall the studies of those with multiple personality who are able to instantly change the state of their body by unconsciously shifting into another one of their personalities.

When it comes to multiple personality disorder, one personality may have perfect eyesight and a cancerous tumor, while the other personality may have poor eyesight and no cancerous tumor. This is one very valid way to enter into the study of how powerful one’s perception affects their health/body.

The idea of believing that you can be sick is a valid and true idea. However, the true denial of this idea, or the belief that one can only experience health, can abolish all forms of bodily illness.

When the mind is properly focused upon only seeing the body as healthy, the body must follow the mind’s vibration. However, when one is infested with the belief in sickness, one must eventually experience sickness.

The idea of believing in, and then also putting into action that, some virus is out to get you is actually the idea of inviting it in. Constantly wearing mask, washing or sanitizing your hands, etc. with the idea that you must defend yourself from a virus, is actually what makes brings you closer to the vibration of the virus.

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